Kauri Room – Toddlers

Kia ora, welcome to the Kauri Room where we cater for children aged 19 months to two years 9 months following some philosophical aspects of Emmi Pikler and Magda Gerber in relation to attachment and infants development.

Welcome to the Kauri Room where we cater for Toddlers.The underlining atmosphere in our area is influenced by the belief that children, though respectful relationships, are capable learners, who thrive from knowledge and being nurtured. The main philosophy of our practice with toddlers is to provide respectful care and teaching techniques.

We provide children and families with ‘Primary Caregiving’.

Primary caregiving is in place so that children are able to form a secure attachment with one staff member so that the settling process is as simple as possible.
Primary caregiving means that one teacher is responsible for the primary needs of that child e.g. feeding, sleeping, changing nappies and communicating with the parents/caregivers. that teacher will be your child’s ‘special person’ while at Tree Town.
This does not mean that your child and caregiver maintain an exclusive relationship; your child will still have interactions and experiences with all our staff. Routines throughout the day are based on each child and their own personal routines at home.

Our play area is a child centered environment in which all areas of play are set up and are able to be accessed by the children. There are encouraged to make choices about where and with whom they would like to play.

In our area we encourage independence and provide tools that enable children to gain a sense of independence through attempting tasks. We have an established routine during the day that is also able to be flexible, illustrating the importance of meeting the changing needs of toddlers in our care.
In the Kauri Room we have four full-time teachers interacting with the children. This high quality ratio allows teachers to extend children’s thinking and be fully involved in their activities.

Alice is the Head Teacher in the Kauri Room. Her team consists of Lisa, Michaela and Sharon.




Alice Bronswijk – Head Teacher

Bachelor of Teaching ECE



Lisa Pescini – Assistant Team Leader (2 IC)

Bachelor of Teaching ECE



Michaela Smith – Teacher

Diploma of Teaching



Sharon Lane – Teacher

“To Grow up as competent and confident learners and communicators, healthy in mind, body, and spirit, secure in their sense of belonging, and in the knowledge that they make a valued contribution to society.” Te Whaariki-the National Curriculum